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So who is behind
Hinterland Market?

Karin & Aaron, That's Who!

Karin who is native to Vermont has a background in art and spent many years toiling in the food and beverage industry. Aaron is originally from Western NY has spent the last 20 years working in the world of design and photography. We spent 2 decades in Brooklyn living less than a mile apart and never crossed paths.

We didn’t meet until 8 years ago when Karin returned to her home state and Aaron made the decision to change his life and relocate. Humorously, we met online after both taking up residence in Vermont. From that moment we dedicated ourselves to making VT our home. Our mutual goal was to find a way to be happy, work for ourselves and become part of the community.

In 2018 we stumbled upon a listing for an old general store in the Northeast Kingdom. Intrigued, we checked out the property and immediately fell in love with the possibilities. After procuring 1534 South Albany Road (4 miles from Craftsbury, VT) we began dreaming about how to resurrect the General Store. In the Spring of 2021 we did just that. As accomplished cooks we made the decision to develop our own products that are difficult to find in this part of the world. Many of our recipes are derived from authentic recipes, many of which have come directly from our friends in various countries. We develop our recipes for ourselves until we reach a point that we are enamored with consuming them ourselves, at which point we offer them to you!


Karin and Aaron
A Little Of the Story of

Mr. Effingham Sparkles Valentino

aka Shop Cat, Meow Mix, Kathmandu, Catatonic, Sir Meows A Lot, Fat Head, Catamaran, Cattache, Cat Burgler, Chunk, Mika Meow, Cathartic

Hails from the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. This crusty and demanding member of the team often imposes his will on those that will placate him. When not demanding food, he can be found basking in sunbeams. More often than not, this is the oh so lovely pose he can be found in. Should you actually encounter him with 4 to the Floor, just rub his belly and he will look like this in no time.

Sparkles has a remarkable internal clock that affords him the ability to register dinner time to the minute. However in his current "old man" demanding style, he has also decided that even putting a paw outdoors should be rewarded by treats. Unfortunately he has also developed the vocabulary to speak to this cause as well!

Coming Soon, the Sparkles Gallery! Stay Tuned.