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Greetings Hinter Folk!

We have spent the winter mulling over the many ways we can improve the soul of Hinterland Market.  That said, we decided our Market’s Soul is pure but who would refuse some extra spice?!  We have many new additions this season, but let’s tease you with an alternate taste for now.  If you all ask nicely, Aaron may be importing a select collection of vinyl which you will be able to hear in the store. Before you get too excited, this isn’t a democracy and he will be curating said selection according to his tastes.  If interest gets peaked we will expand on this little addition to the Nowhere Bodega (which we are affectionately calling NoBo, cute huh?)

Ok fine, Ill give you a hint Selecta…it will lean heavily towards Dub, Reggae, Roots and Ska both old and very new.

So get yer Sound System ready!!!

vinyl, records, dub, reggae, roots, rastafari
Aaron Malys

Aaron is originally from Western NY and has spent the last 23 years working in the world of design and photography in NYC. Karin and myself did not meet till 5 years ago even though we had lived less than a mile apart for 2 decades in Brooklyn. Humorously, we met online after both taking up residence in Vermont. From that moment we dedicated ourselves to making VT our home. Our mutual goal was to find a way to be happy, work for ourselves and become part of the community.

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