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Greetings Hinter Folk!

New week so why not some NEW Products!  We got a little extra time in the LAB (kitchen) this week and have a couple of exciting additions.  First up we are adding our House Made Ramp Salt to the roster. Great on almost everything in place of plain old salt. But why stop there! After the better part of the year we are finally ready to release our Authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce. This marinating gold has gone through many iterations but we are happy to report that we have never had a better Jerk Sauce! And finally, what goes great with jerk sauce, why Cocktails of course! So Karin headed back to the kitchen and brewed up a batch of Blood Orange Tonic Syrup for making Tonic Water. Can you say Gin & Tonic time! Each bottle makes about 21 serving so grab one and start celebrating Spring!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Check out the NEW Specialities page under the House Made tab in the menu above and give them a go.

Jamaican Jerk Sauce
Aaron Malys

Aaron is originally from Western NY and has spent the last 23 years working in the world of design and photography in NYC. Karin and myself did not meet till 5 years ago even though we had lived less than a mile apart for 2 decades in Brooklyn. Humorously, we met online after both taking up residence in Vermont. From that moment we dedicated ourselves to making VT our home. Our mutual goal was to find a way to be happy, work for ourselves and become part of the community.

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