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Hinterland Market presents  Handmade Soft Pretzels, you will love them!  We didn’t originally have them in the plan but a neighbor mentioned them so we started experimenting.  After alot of trial and error we finally refined them to a point where we were excited about them.  We are currently running with 3 core flavors: Maldon Salt encrusted, Everything mix and Parmesan!  We are rotating in new flavors every so often in limited quantities, this week bringing the addition of the Cheddar Jalapeño pretzel!  You will definitely want to try it! They are without a doubt delicious and I dare say, rather addictive!

No order is to small or to large. We do weekly pre-orders for a Saturday pickup.  Check out the pretzels page under the house made tab in the menu above and give them a go.

Make sure you buy enough otherwise you will have to come back for more! Not that we mind of course!

Karin Weiner

Karin is native to Vermont and has a background in art and spent many years toiling away in the food and beverage industry. Karin returned to her home state of Vermont in 2014 and began looking to make her mark on local level in the food industry. Hinterland Market is the culmination of that effort.

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