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Next to the market we have a lovely clear spring fed pond.  We loved it but knew it was missing something.  So when we found this inflatable (which was very reminiscent of Jeff Koons sculptures) we knew we had found the solution.

Obviously he became known as Jeff and he is  pictured here with his girlfriend Flo the flamingo, Ray the ray and Bob the turtle.

However it is Jeff’s sole responsibility to patrol the pond!

Aaron Malys

Aaron is originally from Western NY and has spent the last 23 years working in the world of design and photography in NYC. Karin and myself did not meet till 5 years ago even though we had lived less than a mile apart for 2 decades in Brooklyn. Humorously, we met online after both taking up residence in Vermont. From that moment we dedicated ourselves to making VT our home. Our mutual goal was to find a way to be happy, work for ourselves and become part of the community.

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