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Welcome to

the Bodega

in the Middle of Nowhere

Wake up and tell the People!

Along with our house made specialties (which there are a lot of), our market carries a vast array of pantry essentials.  From the typical to the obscure we guarantee you will not find most of our stock anywhere else in the NEK.  We strive to stock an array of cultures culinary needs with a particular focus on ethnic staples.


Bodega essentials like chilled drinks, coffee, tea, water, chips and of course a solid candy section are on hand as well.


There is also a selection of antiques, vintage dresses, jewelry, greeting cards and toiletries.


We carry local milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese and maple syrup as well.


Come out and see the hype!

House Made Products
Product Varieties
Beverage Varieties
Content Customers

We stock products from the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Thailand, India, China, Japan, Eastern Bloc countries, Italy, Africa and of course cornerstore American.

Indian Food
Vintage Dishes
Fresh Bread
Hinterland Candy
Italian Food
Mexican Food
Hinterland Hot Sauce

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Hours are Tuesday through Sunday 10am to 6pm

We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!