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Kimchi, Sauerkraut & Kombucha Oh My…

Get your Probiotic on!

Who doesn’t love crunchy fermented Veggies?  They are a staple food in numerous countries all over the world and are as satisfying eaten alone as well as a savory addition to other dishes. Karin has been tirelessly working on these flavors and we are now ready to offer them to you! Each has a strong foundation in traditional flavors but with unique undertones to make your palette smile.

Hinterland Market is offering 2 lip smacking versions of Sauerkraut and a very authentic Korean Kimchi.

Lemon Dill Sauerkraut
Ingredients – Fresh Lemon, Fresh Dill, Cabbage, Spices

Traditional Sauerkraut with mustard seeds
Ingredients – Cabbage, Mustard Seeds, Spices

Classic purple Daikon and Carrot Kimchi
(this is the grandmother’s recipe of a well known Brooklyn Chef)
Ingredients – Daikon, Carrot, Scallion, Cabbage, Spices

Ingredients – Scoby, Tea, and whatever flavor we choose to make that week

Authentic Kimchi

The Reviews are In!

Holy Kimchi Batman! That is great!


We loved the pretzels! We did as you suggested— heated them up and dipped them in mustard. So yummy. I had never had homemade soft pretzels before! Will definitely keep an eye out for your next FPF post.


Just saw Karin advertising her homemade soft pretzels, and I wanted to put in a very good word and recommend that you try them. Our whole household gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up. Tasty and local, with safe and easy pickup and payment. Enjoy!

Julie R.