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Hinterland Weekly Dinners every Thursday and Sunday!

Every meal we visit a different country with a heavy focus on the Caribbean and Central American cuisine

Take out or eat in the Side Yaard.

Food for the People, by the People!

SUNDAY May 28th we Kick off the season with Jamaica!


SUNDAY MAY 28th we are starting out in Jamaica!


Every Thursday from 4:30pm till 6pm and every Sunday from 4:30pm till 6pm we will be cooking for takeout

or you can pickup and eat in the Side Yard (weather permitting).

Pickup at our Market at 1534 South Albany Road Albany, VT 05820

Every meal will be authentic and different and we will be rotating through the Caribbean Islands as well as Central American countries and a few northern South American countries.  We reserve the right to diverge to both Africa and Asia occasionally as we have some outstanding dishes from some of those countries as well. Basically we cook whatever we feel like.

Every dish we make we have cooked countless times and the vast majority are based on friends family recipes.  We think this might be some of the best World food in the Northeast.  Come on out and enjoy!

Please Note – These Dinners are preorder only with a limit of 20 servings per dinner, so get your reservations in early!


Sundays Dinner

1 – Brown Stew Chicken – $19 per order

A Jamaican classic, Brown Stew Chicken with a side of rice and peas and slices of avocado and fresh tomato.

2 – Rastafari Ital Stew – $17 per order

A warm and hearty Rastafarian staple dish. 100% vegetarian. Sweet potatoes, squash, dasheen, carrots, plantains, okra etc. in a herb infused coconut base with a side of rice and peas and slices of avocado and fresh tomato.

***Please note: to stay true to the Rastafarian tradition we will not salt this dish (granted there is great debate on this).  However feel free to salt it to your hearts content.


And Yes, the Dub music will be playing!!!


As always there will be a lot of Hot Sauce Tasters on hand and various beverages on hand in the store!

Due to what appears to be new software glitch with our form software,  please click the link underneath this message to email us your order.  Please include your name, time for pickup on Sunday (4:30pm – 6pm), and what you would like to order with quantities.


Pickup at our Market at 1534 South Albany Road Albany, VT 05820

2023 dinners left in the season
countries cuisine we will be cooking
pre-orders per event
Content Taste Buds by the end of the Season

We plan to cook dishes from Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, India, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

Puerto Rican Pernil
Al Pastor Tacos
Grenada Oil Down
Mexican Corn
Oil Down - Grenada
Al Pastor - Caribbean in da Kingdom
Prep work
Pok Pok Wings

Pre-order then Come on out!

And get ready for some happy taste buds!

Remember to pre-order 24 hrs before the event.



Thursday events – 4pm to 6pm

Sunday Events – 4pm to 6pm

We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!