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Takeout from all over the Globe every Thursday and Sunday in your backyard!


Hello NEK!!!

Food for the People, by the People!

This Thursday June 13th,

we bring you …

A Taste of the South


Starting the NEK season off strong!!!

Caribbean in da Kingdom

The June 13th Takeout menu is now SOLD OUT!



A Taste of the South


This New Orleans classic is made with a vegetables, chicken, andouille sausage and seafood. Thickened with a dark roux that
gives this recipe its distinct rich flavor. Of course it wouldn’t be Gumbo without the okra!!
Served over a bed of fluffy rice.

2 – Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles – SOLD OUT!
Two pieces of Juicy Crispy Chicken accompanied by Belgian Waffles and sauced up with our Spicy Hot Maple Butter!
Served with a side of baked beans.

3 – Shrimp and Grits – SOLD OUT!
A southern classic right here in Montpelier! A healthy portion of shrimp piled high on a mountain of
cheesy grits drowning in Creole Sauce!

4 – Louisiana Creole Coleslaw – SOLD OUT!
This creamy cole slaw has all the colors of Mardi Gras. Purple and green cabbage with yellow bell peppers and a buttermilk dressing.
Mustard and celery seeds give it an extra zip. Dotted with toasted pecans.

5 – Baked Beans – SOLD OUT!
A side portion of delightfully sweet and smokey baked beans. Had to be added!

6 – And of course a side of…Collards – SOLD OUT!
Tender greens smothered in bacon grease dotted with chunks of smoked pork!
Clearly not cholesterol friendly but hey, you only live once!


There are 3 pickup slots per 15 minutes.
If a slot is greyed out when you order, then that 15 minute pickup window is full.

Click the button right below that says “Place Order Here” and you should be all set.



Any issues or questions please email
Reviews are below if your interested.

Please Note – These Dinners are preorder only with a limit of 20 servings per dinner, so get your reservations in early!


Pickup is at our STORE at 1534 Sout Albany Road  Albany,VT 05820


How it works…

Every Thursday and Sunday starting on May 26, 2024 we will be cooking takeout dinners.  Every dinner will feature a different country. That means we visit 2 countries per week!  If we decide to revisit a country within the season, then it will be an entirely new menu.  We pick dishes that have a wide reach, though sometimes we will throw an “eccentric” dish in there as well.  We do our best to offer vegetarian options where it is applicable. In other words, if there is not a vegetarian option that we are interested in, then there won’t be any (usually there is though). What there will be very little of however is Vegan foods.  Not that we dislike vegans (one of us is a huge Rastafari fan), but a lot of the countries we visit just don’t have options that fit that bill. On that note, we do cook ITAL a couple of times a season.  If you don’t know what that is…look it up. This endeavor is not just about food for us, it is also deeply rooted in understanding and experiencing another piece of humanity’s culture. So, to that end, we use recipes that come from people native to these countries. In other words, we keep it as real as we can!

So onward to the “how it works” part of this introduction.

1 – We are only 2 people so we only cook around 20ish servings When the menu says Sold Out, it is truly Sold Out.

2 – We post the menu for Thursday’s dinner on Tuesday evening and for Sunday’s dinner on Friday evening.  It is 100% first come first serve. We will not hold a spot for you. We do not decide what country or what dishes from said country we will offer until the day we post the menu so asking ahead of time ‘What’s on the menu?’ is pointless.

3 – All dinners are pre-order only.  If you have ordered takeout before, the system will feel very familiar; if not, it is self-explanatory.
All orders from new customers must be pre-paid through the ordering system (if we do not know you then you must pre pay with a credit card).
Existing customers you are free to choose “cash” or “pay with card at pickup counter”.

4 – For any orders that are over the amount that 4 people would eat, we reserve the right to contact you and possibly decline the order.
The reason for this is we want as many people as possible to get a chance to try our takeout. If you are hosting a dinner party, this is not the method to get it catered…we don’t do that usually and that is not the purpose of these meals.

5 – If the food is spicy, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan it will be noted with an icon next to the dish in the ordering system.  It is usually in the description of the dish as well. We DO NOT do customized dishes. You do not get to pick and choose what ingredients you want and do not want, there are plenty of restaurants out there who will happily do that for you. For instance, if the dish is full of cilantro, and you dislike cilantro, don’t order that dish! Again the reason for this is twofold: we are only 2 people and also because we will not change the ingredients in the dish since all of the ingredients are part of that dish, and are almost always central to the taste of the dish.

6 – We buy local where it is applicable.  The vast majority of our dishes contain a lot of ingredients that cannot be grown in Vermont so before you speak…think. Vermont does not produce plantains or chadon beni therefore we must procure many items elsewhere.  What we try and do whenever we can is buy those more “exotic” ingredients through the stores of immigrants in Vermont so we are supporting their businesses. Sometimes they cannot get something, for example, breadfruit.  In those cases, we would hold that particular menu until the time someone we know is coming to town from an area of the country where you can get that item and we ask them to bring it with them.

Now I’m sure the question on your mind is, how do I stay in the know?! Well, we try and make it easy for you. The menu will go LIVE on Tuesday evenings and Friday evenings on the website directly below this page. Click the “Place Order Here” button and place your order. After we post it to the website we will also post on our Instagram page that the menu is LIVE and let you know what country it is as well.  Then it will also go out to our newsletter subscribers. We will not email you, call you, text you or send you smoke signals!  We sell out every meal deep in the NEK each summer. Look at it as a Limited Edition offering where there are only 20 slots and you have to try and snag one.
Sometimes you will get in, sometimes you will not.

Every meal will be authentic and different and we will be rotating through the Caribbean Islands as well as Central American countries and a few northern South American countries.  We reserve the right to diverge to both Africa and Asia occasionally as we cook outstanding dishes from some of those countries as well.
Basically, we cook whatever we feel like cooking.

Every dish we make we have cooked countless times and the vast majority are based on friends and family recipes.
We believe this might be some of the best World food in the Northeast.  So get ready to Come on out and pick up some stellar world food to take home and enjoy in the comfort of your home this winter! And by all means, don’t take our word for it, read the real-world reviews below!

Tonight's Cuban dinner was one of the best this season. I loved the shrimp, croquetas and stewed black beans.
Thank Karin for making my favorite desert.

Mark* A very, very loyal customer!

Just wanted to say thanks again for the lovely Indian meal(s). It is the bright spot in what was otherwise a fairly shitty day.

Lin* a customer we dig so much we sometimes create a field on the order form just for her commentary!

We are so grateful for the delicious Ethiopian feast you prepared and we devoured this evening. It was a perfect birthday dinner and I have to say that we gorged. Thank you for all the care you put into the planning, preparation, and serving. I can't believe how much we ate, and the generous portions just kept coming. Wow!


Guys, that was legitimately the best fucking Sri Lankan food I've ever had!

Glorious leader* that is his title, we didnt make it up

The food is fabulous!!! Thank you so much Karin!!


just have to say ITS SO GOOD! Omg. So happy I was able to come. I was eating the collards with my hands in the car. Great Job!

Morgan* grew up in the south

That PoBoy sandwich was certainly the best fish sandwich I've ever hadd, the crunch, the pickley slaw. The gumbo, the natchidoches pies, we were in awe!


Thank you!! Everything was obscenely good.

2023/2024 Winter dinners left in the season
countries cuisine we will be cooking
pre-orders per event
Content Taste Buds by the end of the Season

We plan to cook dishes from Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Turkey, India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Greece and Sri Lanka.

Puerto Rican Pernil
Al Pastor Tacos
Grenada Oil Down
Mexican Corn
Oil Down - Grenada
Al Pastor - Caribbean in da Kingdom
Prep work
Pok Pok Wings

Pre-order then Come on out!

And get ready for some happy taste buds!

Remember to pre-order 24 hrs before the event.


Pickup Times at 16 Foster Street Montpelier VT, 05602:

Thursday events – 4:30pm to 6pm

Sunday Events – 4:30pm to 6pm

We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!