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This Sunday October 1st, straight from the streets of Trinidad we bring you ROTI!!!

and Chow, and Trini Mac and cheese, and more!!!


The Market is now OPEN!

We are open and stocked!


Always Fresh, Never Boring!

We have been busy mixing it up at the Nowhere Bodega...Buckle In!


Vinyl at NoBo? NoWay...yes way! STAY CALM & DUB ON!

If you all ask nicely, Aaron may be importing a select collection of records, which you will be able to listen to at the market!


The Craftsbury Farmers Market

Every Saturday 10am to 1pm. We will see you there!


Eat Well, Live Well!

Real Food for the People, made by the People

Current Hours

Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 6pm

Located at 1534 South Albany Rd South Albany, VT Email Us with any questions!

Pretzels Sold
Caribbean Hand Pies Sold
Hot Sauce Bottles Sold
Happy Tastebuds

Thank you so much for the pretzels! They were delicious and the best pretzels I think I have ever tasted. We'll definitely be ordering more, and I wish we ordered more this time around!


We loved the pretzels! We did as you suggested— heated them up and dipped them in mustard. So yummy. I had never had homemade soft pretzels before! Will definitely keep an eye out for your next FPF post.


Great pretzels! Thanks. We will be back.

Kenny & Barbara Saxe

Amazing pretzels! Thank you so much!


Hi Karin...the pretzels were great and now long gone. Really loved both of your hot sauces as well. Dipped some the pretzels into them! Great combo! TYVM

John Peterson

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